Sl.No. Particulars NBFC
1 Year of Incorporation  
2 State in which the Company is having Registered Office  
3 Authorized Capital  
4 Paid up Capital  
5 Networth (approximate)  
6 No. of Directors  
7 No. of Share Holders  
8 Whether ROC compliance is up to date
9 Whether IT compliance is up date  
10 Whether BSE compliance is up to date  
11 *Shareholding Percentage  
12 Whether all current assets can be liquidated before acquisition  
13 Whether all fixed assets can be liquidated  
14 Whether Any registered Charges Exist as per
15 Main Object Sector  
16 Trading Group as per BSE  
17 Shareholding Percentage for Sale  
18 Attachment (Options) (PDF File)
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